City Completes Spring Paving and Plans for the Next Round of Repairs

City Completes Spring Paving and Plans for the Next Round of Repairs

PAWTUCKET – Mayor Donald R. Grebien announced that the City has successfully completed the spring paving list. The Department of Public Works (DPW) was also able to accomplish major thoroughfares including Power Road and School Street. In addition, work on East Avenue is scheduled to begin next week.

“We appreciate the patience and cooperation of our residents and local businesses to upgrade their streets and neighborhoods,” said Mayor Grebien. “Through voter-approved bonding, we have been able to improve approximately 50% or 100 miles of our roadways over the past seven years.”

DPW is scheduled to start the road work on East Avenue on Monday, July 16th (subject to change.)  Residents and business owners will see postings on their street for no parking by Saturday, July 14th. East Avenue was scheduled for paving over a year ago but was delayed due to a water main replacement and then a gas main replacement.

DPW plans to start Fall paving between the middle of August through September (weather and vendor scheduling permitting). There will be no paving after October 31, 2018. The City is tentatively scheduled to re-pave the following streets this fall:

Chandler Avenue Power Road End
Chandler Street Fairlawn Avenue Columbia Avenue
Warren Avenue Newell Avenue Esten Avenue
Grenville Street Main Street Nashua Street
Grenville Street Nashua Street Ann Mary Street
Raleigh Avenue Oak Hill Avenue Alfred Stone Road
S. Union Street George Street Pine Street
Beechwood Avenue Prospect Street School Street
School Street Division Street Rosewood Street
Fenwood Avenue Prospect Street School Street
Riverview Avenue Prospect Street School Street
Grand Avenue Central Avenue Warwick Road
Archer Street Pinecrest Drive Clews Street
Main Street Commerce Pine Street
Downes Avenue Central Avenue Hughes Avenue

If the fall paving list is not completed due to weather or unanticipated construction issues, the streets will be added to the Spring list. Some streets were carried over from pervious schedules due to work by National Grid and the Water Department. Additional streets may be added pending National Grid scheduling approval.

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