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City of Providence Announces $160 Million Bond for School Improvements

PROVIDENCE, RI – Mayor Jorge O. Elorza and the Providence City Council today issued a joint statement to announce a $160 million bond referendum that will realize improvements in school infrastructure.

Mayor Jorge O. Elorza stated, «Like many towns and cities across the state, Providence has school buildings that simply do not meet the needs of families and students. While this problem was not created overnight, the time to make sure that our students learn in safe, warm and dry school buildings that inspire them to succeed is now. The City is prioritizing a $160 million investment through a bond referendum for improvements to school facilities, because my administration and the Providence City Council believe the greatest investments we can make for the future of our city are those that directly support our youth. A long-term investment of this magnitude is necessary and is a value statement of how we are ‘All In’ for education in Providence.”

The $160 million bond aligns with a 10-year commitment of investing up to $400 million in Providence public school infrastructure made by Mayor Elorza in August 2017, as the City began a yearlong robust school facilities planning process.

Providence City Council President David Salvatore added, “Providence is faced with the challenge of serving students that are living in the 21st Century, yet our schools are not meeting the needs of those that walk their halls.  The Council has been committed to working with our partners in government to ensure that our students have facilities that enhance their learning experience, and with this $160 million bond, I believe we are on our way to achieving that goal. I thank the Mayor and my colleagues on the Council for making this commitment to our future. ”

The matter will go before the City Council on Monday, July 23, 2018, and will be referred to the Committee on Finance for review.  After the Committee reviews and approves the matter, it will go before the City Council for passage twice, and then will be sent to the Board of Canvassers to be added to the November 6, 2018 ballot for consideration.

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