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Did you see it!? Meteor lights up skies over Connecticut, Massachusetts, Rhode Island

HARTFORD — There was a light show over New England Wednesday night. A meteor lit up the the dark skies shortly after 11:00 p.m.

Gerry Bourgeois caught the spark of light on his Central Massachusetts home’s nest security camera. Jay Repko also captured similar video in Newport Rhode, Island.

«I was on 93 south headed in to Franconia Notch in New Hampshire and saw something green and red fly through the sky,» Stacey Truesdale commented on the FOX61 Facebook page, «I wonder if this could be it it was around the exact same time. It came from the east. Absolutely incredible sight!!!»




«That’s what I saw flash when I pulled in my driveway from work!» Marsha Peterson posted, «it was about 11:05pm here in CT!»

Check back to this post for updates overnight.