How to be happier at work

How to be happier at work

Tiger Wins the 2019 Masters – Don’t Miss This Key Lesson from His Win

Patrick Leddin, Ph.D., PMP on LinkedIn

Tiger Woods just did what many hand thought he would never accomplish. He won the Master’s Tournament, again. I just read an…

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Want to Be a Better Investor? Stop Staring at Your Portfolio

Vitaliy Katsenelson, CFA on LinkedIn

Listen on: iTunes | Google Podcasts | Online This article is Part 2 of a 3-part series discussing how investors can avoid acting…

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The perception paradox: Insight dwells in the places you don’t see

Katya Andresen on LinkedIn

In 2019, I’m blogging about 12 of the best lessons I’ve learned, many of them the hard way. This is the third of the…

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Employee Engagement 3.0 – From Feedback to Action

Josh Bersin on LinkedIn

The employee engagement and feedback tools market has been explosive. As I wrote about in Feedback is the Killer App, giving…

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A Secret to Success

Andy Dunn on LinkedIn

It’s Not About You – It’s About Everyone Else From an email I sent to some Walmart employees this past week: As you may…

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Why the Future of Healthcare Chatbots Looks More Human Than Machine

Mark J. Miller on LinkedIn

They’re called Alexa, Siri, Viv and Cortana, named for a character in the hyper-violent Halo videogame franchise. What’s…

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How Robots, IoT And Artificial Intelligence Are Changing How Humans Have Sex

Bernard Marr on LinkedIn

When you consider artificial intelligence playing a role in our most intimate moments, it can put your mind into a bit of a…

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Come Discuss How Your Startup Can Compete With Heavily Funded Competitors

Sramana Mitra on LinkedIn

Can you win against heavily funded competitors? YES you CAN, if you know how. Ask Al Lalani. Al has built Social Annex with just…

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How Flow (People, Water & Revenues) Is Killing Your Water Utility.

Seyi Fabode on LinkedIn

Is Suburbia Fading? Three trends, with two seemingly contradictory, seem to be converging when it comes to people and cities:…

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What bank C.E.O.s said to Congress

Andrew Ross Sorkin on LinkedIn

Good Wednesday morning, and welcome to today’s DealBook Briefing. (Want this by email? Sign up here.) Bank chiefs talk…

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