Hurricane Preparedness Week



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BARDA Partners to Develop New Treatment for Nerve Agents

BARDA has partnered with Proniras Corporation to develop a treatment for nerve agents, the most toxic and rapidly acting of the known chemical warfare agents. BARDA’s portfolio now includes the development of eight novel and repurposed products to treat people who have been exposed to nerve agents. BARDA also supported PRISM, the first evidence-based chemical decontamination method.
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Hurricane Preparedness Week

It only takes one storm to drastically change your life and community. By taking some time during Hurricane Preparedness Week to get ready, you can make yourself, your family, and your community better able to recover from a hurricane. Find out how you can keep the people who count on you safe when disaster strikes.
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Hurricanes bring strong winds and coastal flooding.
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Mass Distribution &
Dispensing of Medical Countermeasures
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4 Ways to Incorporate Mental & Behavioral Health into Disaster Planning
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National Disaster Medical System:
Apply Today!
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Hurricane Resources for Hospitals & Healthcare Facilities
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