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Hypertension Among Youths —


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Subjective Cognitive Decline Among Adults Aged ≥45 Years — United States, 2015–2016
Christopher A. Taylor, PhD; Erin D. Bouldin, PhD; Lisa C. McGuire, PhD.

The figure above is a visual abstract illustrating subjective cognitive decline among adults aged 45 years and older.

Hypertension Among Youths — United States, 2001–2016
Sandra L. Jackson, PhD; Zefeng Zhang, MD, PhD; Jennifer L. Wiltz, MD; et al.

Occupational Mercury Exposure at a Fluorescent Lamp Recycling Facility — Wisconsin, 2017
Erica Wilson, MD; Jeffery S. Lafferty, PhD; Robert Thiboldeaux, PhD; et al.

Notes from the Field: Overdose Deaths with Carfentanil and Other Fentanyl Analogs Detected — 10 States, July 2016–June 2017
Julie O’Donnell, PhD; R. Matthew Gladden, PhD; Christine L. Mattson, PhD; et al.

Notes from the Field: Toxic Leukoencephalopathy Associated with Tianeptine Misuse — California, 2017
Robert Goodnough, MD; Kai Li, MD; Fatemeh Fouladkou, PhD; et al.

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