Providence’s HR director no longer has second job

Providence’s HR director no longer has second job


PROVIDENCE, R.I. (WPRI) — Providence’s personnel chief remains in place following a review over a second job he held outside of City Hall, Target 12 has learned.


Paul Winspeare, Providence’s chief human resources officer, was under review last month after the city learned he was also employed as an interim personnel director in Georgetown, Massachusetts, nearly 100 miles away.

Mayor Brett Smiley had appointed Winspeare to the job in Providence last May, several months prior to Winspeare acquiring the part-time Georgetown gig.

Georgetown Town Administrator Orlando Pacheco described Winspeare’s position as a “remote, flex-job” and told Target 12 that he had been hired to work 10 to 12 hours per week, at a rate of $75 per hour.

When city officials got wind of Winspeare’s outside employment, Smiley’s office initiated a “review of the matter.” Smiley spokesperson Josh Estrella said at the time that while outside employment was not prohibited, employees cannot conduct other business during city work hours.

On Monday, Estrella told Target 12 that while the review of Winspeare had concluded, the city could not provide any other details since it was a personnel matter. Estrella also noted that Winspeare had completed his project with Georgetown and had “ended that engagement.”

According to a June 25 report by local news outlet The Town Common, former Georgetown Select Board chair Amy Smith asked Pacheco to review Winspeare’s dual positions. But on Monday night, Pacheco told Target 12 over the phone that a review was never requested by Smith, and the outlet was misinformed.

According to Pacheco, Winspeare had completed his assigned tasks for Georgetown just last week.

Pacheco said Winspeare’s employment with the town ended simply because he had not been tasked with anything else. (Winspeare was largely in charge of reviewing and updating the town’s personnel policy manual, which had not been updated since 2014.)

“We’re very happy with his work,” Pacheco told Target 12. “Mayor Smiley is lucky to have him.”

While Winspeare is still employed in Providence, he now has a new title, according to Estrella. (His $132,567 salary has not changed, however.)

“Following the recent restructuring of the Human Resources and Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging departments into the Department of People and Culture, Winspeare now serves as Chief People Officer of that department,” Estrella said.

Winspeare is still facing scrutiny, however.

The Providence City Council’s Committee on Finance is meeting this Wednesday to have “a discussion relative to a personnel matter with the Director of the Department of People and Culture.”

Estrella confirmed the discussion will focus on Winspeare, but said that the city could not provide details on matters “discussed within executive session or personnel matters that are confidential.”

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