Rhode Island Is Failing Children

Union-Run Education System Is Failing Children


Do you think Providence teachers are embarrassed by the failed results of the union-run education system?

We’re betting that some are of tired of it, are hungry for the real change needed to help kids, and they know that it is the teachers unions that are standing in the way. 

Union bosses don’t want public employees, especially teachers, to know about their newly restored rights… because, some workers may choose to leave the broken union system.
Last June, the Supreme Court’s landmark Janus ruling means union leaders can no longer automatically plunder the pocketbooks of public employees to fund the far-left union political agenda. Public employees are free to leave their unions! But, someone needs to educate union members about their rights.
In response, our Center launched our campaign to educate public servants about their restored First Amendment rights. But union leaders, along with their crony-friends in government, want to keep employees in the dark – and in their unions – at any cost.
Our Center recently completed our first round of mailers to government workers. Please donate now to help fund more mailers! 
Overall, our campaign has had tremendous success in its first year, by some estimates we may have already costs Rhode Island unions nearly $250,000 in dues.

That why we’ve launched our Summer Giving campaign campaign, where you have the chance to help us provide factual information to government workers.

Here’s how you can help: For every $50 you give, we can send a mailer to about 60 public employees with honest information about their rights; with maybe 10-15 of such workers choosing to keep the $750/yr or so in dues for their own families… meaning union bosses will have about $750 less to to spend on their progressive-left political agenda.

To meet our goal of reaching 6000 more workers, we need to raise $5,000 by the end of July! Your partnership is vital to ensure public employees are free to make their own choices when it comes to public-sector unions and if they want to support the union political agenda.

Your gift of $25, $50, $100, or $250 will go a long way. Every contribution helps us reach more people.

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