Stand up for the South Water Street Trail




After a two-and-a-half year planning process –– during which there were citywide public meetings, neighborhood meetings, and one-on-one meetings with stakeholders –– some business owners along South Water Street are raising opposition to the urban trail project at the 11th hour. Contractors are supposed to begin work this week.


Please stand up for South Water Street Trail TODAY by making a call to the Mayor’s Office and to Councilor John Goncalves to tell them what it means to you and why the project should not be delayed or cancelled. 


Mayor’s Office: 401.421.2489

Councilman Goncalves: 401.257.9015


The plan does not remove any parking, rather it reduces the travel lanes on South Water Street from two to one to make space for a multi-use urban trail as pictured above. In 2019, the city conducted a traffic study and found that traffic volumes on South Water do not necessitate two lanes of car travel. With the Michael Van Leesten Memorial Bridge, new housing and infill development, and of course the wonderful local businesses on South Water, there’s no better place in the city for inclusive infrastructure that allows people traveling in all sorts of ways to visit the riverfront.