Teen Who Tracked Elon Musk’s Jet Is Now Chasing Russian Tycoons

19-year-old Jack Sweeney is following the aircraft of Russia’s billionaires as they come under international pressure over the country’s invasion of Ukraine.


Jack Sweeney is now doing to Russian oligarchs what he did to Elon Musk.

ORIGINAL NOTE: https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2022-02-28/why-russian-oligarchs-can-t-escape-the-twitter-teen-who-tracked-elon-musk-s-jet

After soaring to internet fame — and drawing the ire of the world’s richest person — with his viral Twitter account “Elon’s Jet,” Sweeney is now tracking the planes of some of Russia’s richest people, as they come under increasing international pressure over the country’s  invasion of Ukraine.

While the 19-year-old is hardly the only person to offer such services, what makes Sweeney’s accounts so unique is their easy accessibility and the enticing window they offer into the lives of today’s billionaires. Colby Howard, the president of Paragon Intel — which provides corporate aviation intelligence through its product JetTrack — told Bloomberg that Sweeney’s Twitter accounts are the “People Magazine version” of corporate aviation intelligence.