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Warwick, RI – Since the election, Rhode Island has learned some interesting facts. First, the U.S. Department of Commerce reported that for the second quarter of 2018 Rhode Island was tied for the third worst GDP growth rate in the country and had the slowest growth rate in New England. Second, the R.I. Department of Education released Rhode Island’s test scores which were so bad that if Rhode Island was a single school district in Massachusetts, it would be in the bottom 10 percent. R.I. Education Commissioner Ken Wagner called this a ‘truth telling moment.’
Chairman Brandon S. Bell commented: “Maybe during the election Rhode Island Democrats could have told the truth for a moment. Instead, Rhode Island Democrats exaggerated about how well the state economy was doing, how they had improved our schools, and of course, attacked President Trump. The truth is that Rhode Island has a poor performing economy, poor performing schools, and a reputation for corruption. None of which can be blamed on President Trump.”
Chairman Brandon S. Bell concluded: “First, to help our economy grow, Rhode Island needs to cut its taxes so that they are lower than Massachusetts. Second, to improve our schools, Rhode Island should adopt the education reforms that Massachusetts adopted years ago including high stakes testing. But, don’t count on Governor Raimondo or the General Assembly to do anything about it. Governor Raimondo will be too busy fundraising for the DGA and Speaker Mattiello will be too busy trying to figure if he should be a ‘firewall’ or collaborating with progressives. And folks that’s the truth!”
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