U.S. Senate Candidate incorporates non-profit to provide women’s health services

The New Organization Will Ensure That Women Can Access Affordable Healthcare

Old Bridge, NJ – On Friday, April 20, a group of individuals dedicated to ensuring women have access to low and no-cost healthcare, incorporated a NJ Non-Profit Corporation to coordinate the funding and management of resources to healthcare centers that provide services to women with a focus on protecting the sanctity of life.

Founding principal and U.S. Senate candidate, Brian D. Goldberg said, “Too often, the debate over funding women’s health services has pitted abortion rights activists against those of us horrified that our tax dollars are being spent slaughtering unborn children. Those that support abortion typically argue that the leading abortion provider needs the funds because that organization also provides numerous related women’s health services. It is terrible that funding for women’s health has become a political football, so today we have created a vehicle for developing a common sense solution. The Associated Centers for Women’s Health (ACWH) will provide access to low and no-cost women’s health services, with the exception of abortion, ensuring that women who need health services have the ability to get the treatment they need, without tax dollars going to fund procedures to which a majority of Americans are morally opposed.”

The ACWH is working with various legislative bodies to provide an alternative channel that allows elected officials to provide public funding of women’s health services while keeping their consciences clear. Director of Legislative Affairs, Daniel Herrera, said, “As I’ve reached out and talked with legislators on the federal level and in various states, the response has been overwhelmingly positive. This common sense solution provides an avenue for bipartisan support, allowing all constituents a win-win.”

Over the next few weeks, ACWH will be rolling out state-level affiliates across the country. These state-level affiliates, registered as “Centers for Women’s Health – State Name”, will coordinate the distribution of funding directly to service providers as well as providing management and other resources.

For more information, please contact ACWH at the above contact points or online at the developing website, www.acwh.org.