Where are the sectors for growth in Rhode Island’s economy?

Three industry-leading companies come to Rhode Island
Three new industry-leading companies have chosen to land or expand in Rhode Island, bringing 120 new jobs to the state.
RESH, Inc., a precision, sheet metal fabrication company, smartShift Technologies which provides a smarter way to transform legacy SAP systems and run them in the cloud, and Response Technologies, LLC, which uses novel additive manufacturing processes coupled with advanced raw materials to solve problems for the U.S. Department of Defense are each making their way to Rhode Island.
From race cars to body armor to… space elevators?
Graphene Composites, a company innovating with a material stronger than steel, has their new U.S. location in Cambridge Innovation Center, Providence.
Founded by Sandy Chen, Graphene Composites works to apply their revolutionary material in defense, aerospace, energy, and even space travel applications.
Thousands of jobs coming to Rhode Island
Fresh off signing the largest contract in U.S. Navy history, Electric Boat is gearing up to create thousands of jobs at its RI-based manufacturing facility.
The company currently has nearly 17,000 employees (a level of employment not seen since 1993) and will need about 20,000 employees to build two classes of submarines contracted by the Navy.
Hilary Fagan
Executive Vice President