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Why growing older is Better with a Pet

Growing older is Better with a PET!

That’s according to the latest research from the University of Michigan. They did a survey, called the National Poll on Healthy Aging – aimed at people ages 50 to 80-years-old. And here’s what they found……

  • No matter what type of pet someone had, the vast majority of owners said their pets boosted their mental and physical health.


  • Nearly 90% of older pet owners said their animals helped them enjoy life and feel loved.


  • Roughly 80% said their pets kept them active.


  • And three out of four older pet owners said their pet provided a sense of purpose.

So were there any drawbacks to pet ownership for older folks?

The survey found that the biggest drawback was that half of older pet owners didn’t want to travel, or leave the house for very long, because of their pet.

And 6% of pet owners said they’d fallen or injured themselves as a result of having a pet.

WHAT DO YOU THINK? We have a new puppy, Leroy the Dog. And I can already tell how much more excercise I’m getting each day!