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Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices Recommended Immunization Schedule for Children and Adolescents Aged 18 Years or Younger



Human Rabies — Utah, 2018

Educating the general public about the risk for rabies through bat exposure and advising health care providers to consider rabies in the differential diagnosis of unexplained neurologic symptoms could reduce exposures.

The figure is a photograph of Mexican free-tailed bats with text describing that you can get rabies from a bat and that rabies is preventable.


The figure is a bar chart showing that although the percentage of Hispanic adults aged 18–64 years who had a usual place to go for medical care was higher in 2018 (74.1%) than in 2008 (67.3%), Hispanic adults remained the least likely to have a usual place to go for medical care. Non-Hispanic white adults were the most likely to have a usual place for medical care in both 2008 (85.0%) and 2018 (85.5%). In 2008, 78.7% of non-Hispanic black adults had a usual place for health care compared with 80.4% in 2018.


The figure shows a pharmacist handing a patient a prescription medication.


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