Center Blasts Governor’s Choice of Communist Fascist Art as the State Symbol of Hope

Angel of Hope & Strength is Actually a Symbol of Communist & Fascist Totalitarianism
Providence, RI – The RI Center for Freedom & Prosperity, the state’s premier advocacy organization for liberty, denounces in the strongest permissible terms the totalitarian nature of the piece of art that Governor Raimondo chose to put forth as «hope» for the Ocean State’s struggles against the Covid-19 pandemic.
The Governor referred to the portrait (centered in the below image) as «an inspiring image of leadership,» even though it features a bastardization of the Statue of Liberty wearing a communist China-type cap and tunic, in a layout reminiscent of posters supporting fascist dictatorships of the past.
«Consistent with her authoritarian plans to unilaterally impose harsh dictates on businesses, employees, and individuals during our state’s recovery process, the Governor, unbelievably, is asking us to accept such an overtly anti-American symbol of repression,» exclaimed Mike Stenhouse, the Center’s CEO. «The portrait’s official name may be the ‘R.I. Angel of Hope and Strength’, but it is actually a symbol of communist and fascist totalitarianism. This is not inspiring leadership and this is not the way to restore prosperity. During this crisis, when we should all work together, this symbol of unilateral imposed authority is completely inappropriate.»
As further insult, and also symbolic of dictatorial regimes, the image, which is nothing more than a slight modification of a prior work, is being projected onto the sides of buildings by the RI School of Design. This portrait controversy brings back memories of the administration’s previous «Cooler-Warmer» marketing debacle.
In stark contrast to the oppressive government-mandates favored by the Governor, the Center has proposed 30 free-market policies that can help businesses and families restore their financial and medical health as our state begins its recover from the pandemic.