Center derides “school discrimination” legislation as the Progressive Bad Bill of the Week

2nd grader play could be criminalized by those who anoint themselves as judge and jury
Providence, RI — The legislative onslaught by progressive-Democrats continues, this time using school children in a dangerous attempt to enshrine their non-mainstream values on society.

Tabbed as the “Progressive Land of Make Believe Bad Bill of the Week” in a post this weekend by the RI Center for Freedom & ProsperityH7150, which will be heard in committee this Wednesday, is a poorly written bill that would likely cause nothing but harm by further dividing the educational community.

In attempting to impose their elitist and politically-correct view of morality on the state’s entire school system, the vaguely worded bill, deceptively entitled the “Health and Safety of Pupils”, avers that no student should be discriminated against for a number of politically-correct and other defined reasons.

“The bill makes no attempt to contemplate what real discrimination might consist of, by who, and what the consequence might be,” claimed the Center’s CEO, Mike Stenhouse. “It is unnecessary and it is pure pandering to their base. It is divisive and it is dangerous to pretend to be able to interpret and control people’s thoughts and intentions, especially when they anoint themselves as judge and jury.” Stenhouse’s video commentary on the bill can also be viewed on the post.

The bill, sponsored by Representatives Grace Diaz and Aaron Regunberg among others, is a direct affront to social conservatives and has outraged the religious community. Such groups, who are organizing a presence at the House Committee on Health, Education & Welfare hearing, claim the bill seeks to put “transgender affirmation into law.”

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