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City of Central Falls Office on Health launches “The 7 Mask Challenge”

CENTRAL FALLS- The City of Central Falls Office on Health and Mayor James A. Diossa have launched a new campaign to get residents involved in reducing the spread of COVID-19. “The 7 Mask Challenge” was created as a challenge for each resident in Central Falls to create seven masks for themselves and each of their family members to help prevent the spread of COVID-19 in Central Falls. This Challenge will run from April 1, 2020 until the end of the State of Emergency in Rhode Island.

Based on the recommendations and advice from the City of Central Falls’ Chief Health Strategist who heads the Office on Health, Dr. Michael Fine, along the knowledge that Coronavirus can be spread within homes as well, “The 7 Mask Challenge” is a way for everyone to do their part to help prevent spread of COVID-19. In this way, the Office on Health’s campaign may help people stay safe and will engage everyone in the city to learn about Coronavirus; how it is spread, how to prevent its spread, and how to help reduce the burden of illness in the city in the near term.

“The goal of The 7 Mask Challenge is to encourage Central Falls residents to participate in an activity that will help to keep themselves and their families safe,» said Mayor James A. Diossa. «I hope that this challenge will help reduce the spread of the virus and help us get through this difficult time together.”

“It is extremely important that the residents of Central Falls understand the impact wearing a mask in the home can make,” said Central Falls Chief Health Strategist Dr. Michael Fine. “Through this campaign we hope to engage everyone in the city in a process to learn more about Coronavirus and how their actions may help to slow the spread by creating and using these homemade masks.”

Residents are encouraged to visit http://www.centralfallsri.us/7masks for details and instructions on how to create a homemade mask.