Clinical Trial Design Fellowship at BARDA: Applications Due May 31

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It Only Takes a Plane Ride to Transport the Influenza Virus Around the Globe: How is HHS Preparing?

The very word ‘pandemic’ conjures images of global disease and death. Educational campaigns highlighting the centennial of the 1918 Influenza pandemic are a jarring reminder that more than 50 million people died due to a previously unknown influenza strain against which very few people had immunity. However, few people today understand that every year over one billion people worldwide are infected by seasonal influenza viruses resulting in as many as 650,000 deaths. This global threat requires a global response. Two weeks ago, the World Health organization released the Global Influenza Strategy 2019-2030. Learn how this Strategy leverages expertise from across HHS, including ASPR, to strengthen national capacities to detect, prevent, and respond to seasonal and pandemic influenzas on a global scale, and to capitalize on recent influenza preparedness gains.
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Clinical Trial Design Fellowship at
BARDA: Applications Due May 31
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