Don’t be fooled!


As we finish up our coverage of the Progressive Bad Bill of the Week, the Rhode Island General Assembly is contemplating putting unrestricted abortions into law. The question of “choice” vs “life” is not what is central to this specific policy debate. Because the legislation, including the new sub A language, would dramatically expand the definition of what constitutes a legal abortion in the state, the actual question at hand is one of “restricted” vs “unrestricted abortions.”

It is ironic and disturbing that many of the same lawmakers that have voted to systematically over-regulate legitimate businesses and industries, are the same lawmakers who want this controversial industry to be allowed to operate without any oversight or impunity.

A recent poll clearly showed that an overwhelming majority of Rhode Islanders oppose unrestricted abortions. Yet, proponents of the legislation claim the public strongly supports the legislation. This disconnect can be explained because abortion proponents believe that current law already essentially allows for anytime-anywhere abortions and that the legislation merely codifies what already exists.
But don’t tell that to Rhode Islanders, who obviously believe that existing laws do impose common-sense restrictions. They want bans on such brutal practices as late-term and partial-birth abortions. Only the most extreme radicals could possibly think that a butcher like Kermit Gosnell should be able to act with impunity in our state. Don’t be fooled by new sub A language, this is not what Rhode Islanders want!  
Click here now or on the button below to watch the new video. Citizens are encouraged to be at the State House on Tuesday 3/5 after 3pm for hearings on the House and Senate bills in order to oppose unrestricted abortions in the Ocean State. Thank you. 
In Liberty,
Mike Stenhouse, CEO