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Warwick, RI – The Rhode Island House Judiciary Committee, appointed by House Speaker Nicholas Mattiello, is poised to support legislation, which, among other things; (1) will allow for late-term abortions for “health” reasons; (2) repeals a law which makes it a crime to kill an unborn children when a crime is committed against the mother; and (3) will allow cities and towns to cover abortions in the health insurance plans they provide for their employees.
Chairman Brandon S. Bell commented: “A very sad day is approaching for Rhode Islanders, a majority of whom do not support abortion after the first trimester. Late term abortions for vague health reasons will now be legal under state law. Unborn children will lose a possible legal protection if their mother is a victim of a crime. Taxpayers could now be paying for the abortions of local government employees.”
Bell continued: “This is just the latest example of why Rhode Island is no place for children. When children grow up, they need to move out of state to find a job because Rhode Island has such a bad tax climate. As children are growing up, they attend poor performing public schools. If a child needs government help, they are handed over to a dysfunctional DCYF where they may be neglected. Passing this law makes it less likely they will even be born here.”
Bell concluded: “This terrible legislation is passing because certain powerful State House politicians care more about power for themselves than life of the unborn. They are enablers; enablers of the worst kind. They know this legislation is wrong but they are allowing it to happen because of their desire for personal power. To quote Matthew 16:26: ‘What good is it for a man to gain the whole world, but lose his soul?’”
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