Ebola Virus Patient Movement Exercise


Blood vessel

FDA Approves Leukine for
Acute Radiation Syndrome

A new BARDA-supported medical countermeasure, Leukine, has been approved by FDA to treat adult and pediatric patients with certain radiological or nuclear injuries after a disaster. Leukine, developed by Sanofi and manufactured by Partner Therapeutics, is effective when given up to two days after exposure to ionizing radiation. BARDA has supported 35 FDA approvals to address chemical, biological, radiological, and nuclear threats; pandemic influenza; and emerging infectious diseases.
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Ebola Virus Patient Movement Exercise

Safely and securely moving patients with highly infectious diseases takes a tremendous amount of skill, synchronization, and coordination. This week, over 50 organizations are taking part in the largest HHS-sponsored patient movement exercise for Ebola virus or other highly infectious diseases to ensure that health and emergency management professionals are ready to move patients to regional treatment centers during an outbreak.
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Ebola virus
Highly infectious diseases like Ebola virus disease present challenges when transporting patients.
First responders running
Preparing to
Respond to a
No-Notice Incident
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National Disaster Medical System worker
National Disaster
Medical System
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Decontamination exercise
Disrobing, Dry Wiping
Removes 99% of
Chemical Contaminants
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