Ex-CIA engineer convicted in massive theft of secret info

Inflation Hits New Four-Decade High of 9.1%
Inflation reached its highest rate in nearly 41 years in June. Prices were up broadly across the economy, with gasoline far…
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Ex-CIA engineer convicted in massive theft of secret info
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GOP Congressman asks if women can give birth to turtles or “a breakfast taco”
Rep. Jody Hice asked a respected lawyer if women can give birth to tacos. He then got mad when she didn’t understand the question.
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Airmen acted on ‘gut feeling’ when they rescued 8 people from a circling bull shark
The Air Force usually leaves water business to the Coast Guard and Navy, but four airmen flipped the script by rescuing eight…
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New Jersey man unearths buried cash dated to 1934 during home renovation
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