FY2019 Budget Graded a «D-» by the Center

When will Rhode Island’s political leaders remember of the real needs of families? Despite a large and unexpected revenue windfall and clear policy lesson, resulting from the recent federal tax and regulatory cuts, Rhode Island’s General Assembly has wasted an opportunity for reform and, instead, are seeking to maintain the status quo in the FY2019 Budget. The lack of vision, in failing to recognize this opportunity to improve our state’s competitive landscape, is disappointing. The money to cut taxes was there. Unfortunately, it will be wasted and spent, rather than reinvested in the people of Rhode Island so they can achieve a brighter future.
Currently, Rhode Island ranks in the bottom-10 on three broad national indexes.

Our state’s overall business climate, the Family Prosperity Index (FPI), and the Jobs & Opportunity Index (JOI) all put Rhode Island near the bottom. Do things really have to be this way? According to the Center’s analysis there are no new, meaningful job-producing or pro-family tax reforms in the proposed budget. The absence of job-producing reforms demonstrates lack of vision for a better future for Rhode Islanders. Click the link here now or on the button below. Thank you.
In Liberty,
Mike Stenhouse, CEO