Heart Disease Signs and Symptoms

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Heart Disease Signs and Symptoms

If you’re like most people, you think that heart disease is a problem for others, but heart disease is the number one killer in the U.S. It is also a major cause of disability. There are many different forms of heart disease. You may have early signs or symptoms long before you have serious heart problems, or you may not realize you are developing heart disease. Also, not every person has the same symptoms. Learn the warning signs and symptoms of heart disease so that you take action to make lifestyle changes that reduce your risk.

Disposing of Unwanted Medicines

Do you have expired drugs or medications that you no longer use? Your medicine is for you. What’s safe for you might be harmful for someone else. The best way to dispose of your expired, unwanted, or unused medicines is through a drug take back program. April 27th is Prescription Take Back Day. Learn more about where you can dispose of medication you no longer use or how to do it at home.

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Ginger Almond Asparagus

Ginger Almond Asparagus is bursting with bright flavors. Sauté the asparagus for tender stalks and crispy ends.