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BARDA Purchases New Anthrax Antitoxin

BARDA has purchased anthrax antitoxin from Elusys Therapeutics Inc., for the Strategic National Stockpile as part of an integrated, portfolio approach to protecting Americans from 21st century health security threats. This antitoxin can be used in conjunction with antibiotics to help protect Americans in the event of anthrax exposure. It was purchased using funding from Project BioShield, which funds the late-stage development and procurement of critical medical countermeasures.
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BARDA has issued Requests for Information (RFIs) for transformative tools and technologies related to sepsis and for early detection and diagnosis of chemical and biological exposures and infections. If your organization is developing these capabilities, let us know by responding to these RFIs.
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BARDA announces requests for information: Solving Sepsis and ENACT
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Hospital Preparedness Program:
15 Years of Health Care Preparedness and Response
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Coordination Between Hospital Coalition Partners
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Response to a No-Notice Incident
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National Disaster Medical System:
Apply Today!
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Responding to
Incidents Involving Explosives
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