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Mayor Elorza Signs FY19 Budget

Includes $20 million school infrastructure investment and critical investments in education, neighborhoods and youth

PROVIDENCE, RI – Mayor Jorge O. Elorza signed a $748,753,622 spending plan for Fiscal Year 2019 and associated tax levy. This budget prepares the capital city for continued growth and success.

“This budget continues our emphasis on responsible budgeting and on youth investments. For four straight years, we have passed a budget with no tax increases,” said Jorge Elorza. “In addition, I’m excited about our continued, robust investments in youth and education including our expanded internship and summer learning programs. This budget is built for the long term and it provides even more opportunities for our youth today.”

This budget emphasizes the administration’s commitment to improving the way business is done at City Hall through the streamlining of municipal government services and processes, the adoption responsible and transparent budgeting practices and better management, rather than placing additional burden on taxpayers. The FY19 approved budget holds the line on taxes, encompasses a reduction to the motor vehicle tax and sets aside $3.6 million for the City’s rainy day fund.

Highlights include:

  • Fourth consecutive year with no tax increase
  • Fourth consecutive year the City will be making 100 percent pension payments
  • $3,612,000 allocation to the City’s Rainy Day Fund, following a $3,560,000 allocation in FY18
  • Eliminating $7 million in old judgments and liabilities that predate the administration

With a focus on expanding access to yearlong educational, occupational and recreational opportunities for young residents, the FY19 budget supports programs that will engage youth and connect them with valuable experiences to enhance their development under the lens of the City’s Cradle to Career strategy. Improving education has been paramount for Mayor Elorza throughout his term. The budget for FY19 reflects the Mayor’s deep commitment to supporting and preparing youth for success with investments in schools and in continued learning opportunities outside of the classroom.


Highlights include:

  • Proposes $20 million Providence Public Building Authority (PPBA) bond for school infrastructure work over two years
  • Maintains increase of $3.6 million in the City’s contribution for PPSD funding, an increase made for the first time in seven years in FY18
  • Introduces $75,000 in pilot funding to launch Menstrual Hygiene Products (MHPs) program for middle and high schools
  • Realizes a second year with a $1 million allocation for the One Providence for Youth: Summer Jobs program, which more than doubled employment opportunities for youth in 2017
  • Invests $1.18 million allocation for citywide Summer Learning programming
  • Includes a $250,000 investment for 3D printers, equipment and training to expand access to technology as part of PVD Young Makers program introduced in FY18
  • Establishes $22,000 in funding for new morning programming at Providence recreation centers

The FY19 budget includes investments to support youth throughout the city by expanding opportunities and access to meaningful, quality programming.


Additional FY19 Budget Highlights:

  • Funds the hiring of a Deputy Director of the Office of Economic Opportunity
  • Funds the hiring of a Deputy License Administrator for the Department of Licensing
  • Funds the hiring of Purchasing Strategy Manager encharged with analyzing market trends and streamlining purchasing
  • Supplies $200,000 in support for Amos House’s “A Hand Up Program,” a program that supplied employment opportunities to 350 individuals experiencing homelessness and helped 40 secure full time employment
  • Maintains $225,000 in additional funding to the Providence Community Libraries for the second year in a row
  • Level-funds $350,000 for PVDFest, Providence’ signature arts festival and other downtown arts programming

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