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NOT REALLY FREE AFTER ALL – Tuition at URI and RIC is going up

Warwick, RI – According to recent news reports, tuition at URI and RIC is going up $2.8 million. Meanwhile, Governor Raimondo’s proposed budget includes $2.98 million this fiscal year for her free tuition program at CCRI, and $6.35 million next fiscal year as shown on pages 23 and 258 of bill 2018 H 7200.
Rhode Island Republican Party Chairman Brandon S. Bell commented: “Students at URI and RIC are going to pay $2.8 million more next year so students at CCRI can get $2.98 million in free tuition this year.  Could these tuition increases at URI and RIC have been avoided if the money we are spending to make CCRI free have gone to URI and RIC? Are students at URI and RIC paying more so Raimondo can say on the campaign trail she made CCRI free?”
Bell concluded: “Last year, after Frank Montanaro was exposed by WPRI for receiving $50,000 in free college tuition while working for House Speaker Nicholas Mattiello, the House agreed to included Raimondo’s free CCRI program in the budget. This year Mattiello should end Raimondo’s free CCRI program and require Montanaro to immediately pay back the entire amount of free tuition he received. With these funds, we can avoid or at least reduce the planned tuition increases at URI and RIC. Let’s not make college free for some, by making it costlier for others”
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