Pawtucket Launches Public Arts Program

Pawtucket Launches Public Arts Program

PAWTUCKET – The City of Pawtucket and the City’s Advisory Commission on Arts and Culture announce the adoption of the “Pawtucket Percent for Public Art” program to expand the City’s commitment to the arts by supporting and maintaining public art throughout the community. The program will allocate one percent of eligible capital or subsidized construction projects over $500,000, in total construction cost to the commission and maintenance of public art.

Percent for Art programs exist in many states and communities across the nation. Pawtucket’s program will join that of the State of Rhode Island and the City of Providence in providing art for both public enjoyment and community improvement.  The program will be administered by the Advisory Commission on Arts and Culture in coordination with the City Council Finance Committee and the Department of Planning and Redevelopment.

“This program is a milestone for Pawtucket,” said Miriam Plitt, Chairwoman of the Advisory Commission on Arts and Culture. “This program will not only benefit the city currently, but in the future with the development of the arts, tourism, quality of life, and vibrancy of our city and neighborhoods. This project would not have been possible without the collaboration of the Commission Members, Pawtucket Foundation, Planning Department, City Clerks, City Council, and local advocates for the arts.”

“Pawtucket has a vibrant arts community, which will now be on full display in public buildings and on our property due to the public arts program,” said Mayor Grebien. “I want to thank the commission members for their efforts to continue the growth of the arts in our community.”

Council President David P. Moran stated “I want to thank Miriam Plitt, Chairwoman of the Advisory Commission on Arts and Culture along with her Commission Members as well as the Ordinance and Finance Committees in addition to the Clerk’s office, Pawtucket Foundation and Planning Department for all their hard work as this took a while to develop and finalize but it was worth the effort. One of Pawtucket’s finest qualities is arts and culture development and this will continue to thrive with this newly created program. The Pawtucket City Council supports this and is excited to see its results.”

The Percent for Public Art program will fund both the acquisition and maintenance of public art. Accompanying program guidelines also include standards for the acquisition of art, formal resident input during the public art selection process, and priorities for the location of public art to maximize community benefit. The Percent for Public Art program also applies to private and non-profit development projects that receive city subsidies to contribute up to one percent of total construction costs for public art.

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