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Providence is among the best coffee cities in America

Gail Ciampa

The Providence Journal.

Providence ranked fifth among the ​​Best Coffee Cities in America from Clever Real Estate.

Never heard of Clever? Me neither. This website “offers free educational resources, including expert advice, reviews, and guides, to help consumers navigate their real estate journey.”


Barely a week goes by that I don’t get a public relations pitch with survey results that include Providence. Most of the time, these are from online publications or food businesses. They are usually compiled using analytics from Google searches.

Sometimes, these results reveal news that becomes a story. There was one on takeout back in April 2020. It said the most popular to-go item in Rhode Island was Buffalo cauliflower. After I tweeted the news with some heady skepticism, I learned how many people had a favorite restaurant version of Buffalo or other spicy cauliflower.

I did find some interesting news in the coffee survey which you can view here.

The report begins with the news that Providence has, on average, 23 coffee shops per 100,000 people. That’s a healthy amount. Insert how many Dunkin’ shops we have joke here.

Most popular take out dish:Is Buffalo cauliflower at the top of your takeout list?

Portland, Oregon, is number two on the list and they have 27 coffee shops per 100,000. Milwaukee, Wisconsin, number one on the list, only has 12.

The data to compile the best coffee cities in America is based not just on the average number of coffee shops per capita and per square mile, but also how much income is spent on a cup of coffee for each weekday. Google search trends for coffee-related terms in each metro area was also figured into the data.

The price of Wisconsin coffee cost is low, an average of $3.56 for a cappuccino, while Portland’s costs $4.30. Providence comes in at $4.12 as an average for cappuccino.

Here’s what Clever Real Estate wrote about Providence.

“The ‘Creative Capital’ is pour-fectly balanced, ranking  No. 3 for most coffee shops per capita (23) and No. 5 for coffee shops per square mile (a coffee shop every 4 square miles).

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“Rhode Island might be the smallest state, but they’re brewing big! Visitors to Providence can expect to find a coffee shop every 4 square miles, as it’s home to about 23 cafes per capita.

Although Providence’s average cappuccino price ($4.12) is closer to the national average ($4.36) than some other cities, you’ll get the best brew the city has to offer for your buck – in the ‘Creative Capital,’ folks only spend around $1,071 per year on their weekday pick-me-up, compared to $1,134 nationally.”

The survey doesn’t rate the quality of the coffee in RI

In Providence I’d rate it excellent with not just coffee shops but so many local roasters, too.

You can’t lose here with New Harvest, Bolt Coffee Co.The Coffee ExchangeDave’s CoffeeSeven Stars BakerySmall Point CafeWhite Electric Coffee Co-OpEllie’sThe Nitro Cart and Madrid European Bakery. Each one is worth a visit. if you haven’t been.

No. 3 on the list was San Francisco. That is a place with great coffee, in my experience. Buffalo at No. 4 is Buffalo, and after Providence at No. 5, at No. 6 is Boston.

Just a reminder, that survey is meant to help people choose where to live based on coffee. To each his or her cup of Joe.

Here’s another interesting survey, though not about food. It’s from on the best states for single seniors.

Sign, sign everywhere a sign:The man behind RI’s handmade restaurant signs and murals

It says that R.I. has the second largest senior dating pool among all the states and Washington D.C. Some 48.2% of seniors here are single, either never married, divorced or widowed. Only Washington D.C. is higher with 57.1%. Third is New York with 47%. The lowest was Iowa with 40%.

In case you were wondering, 43% of Americans 65 and older are single. I’m not sure what the news is here. But overall, Rhode Island ranked 20th as the best state for single seniors. At least we know they have great coffee to enjoy.

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