RhodeMap RI Type Scheme


Did you seen the new video from our Center? House bill 5137, deceptively named the Fair Housing Practices bill, which mirrors leftist-inspired legislation introduced in other states, is completely unfair to landlords. We have named it our first bad bill of the week for 2019. 
The legislation claims it seeks to end discriminatory housing practices because in the progressives’ land of social-equity, making a legitimate business decision should be a crime. 
Under the proposed law, any Section-8 lessee applicant (those whose rents are subsidized by the federal government) who are not accepted as a tenant, must have been discriminated against, and the landlord must be punished.
Further, this legislation is a back-door RhodeMap RI type scheme to advance a social equity agenda that will only tear at the fabric of our society… by making innocent private property owners appear to be bigots. Watch the new video now!
In Liberty,
Mike Stenhouse, CEO