RI Became A Less Hospitable Place To Raise A Family In 2019

Rhode Island Became A Less Hospitable Place To Raise A Family In 2019
Recently, our Center released our 2019 Freedom Index and Legislator Scorecard for the Rhode Island General Assembly.
Sadly, with only 12 of 113 lawmakers scoring above zero, the members of the political class failed to fulfill their promises to help everyday citizens. Worse, the 2019 legislative session was an unadulterated assault on individual and economic rights, the totality of which I have not seen before.
How much more can we take? Nationally, the economy, jobs creation and incomes are growing. Yet, Rhode Island remains stagnant. Our state continually ranking in the bottom 10 on far too many national economic indexes.
Freedom Index.png
Why? The more freedoms we have, the more prosperity we will enjoy. The constitutional government of our great nation was formed to preserve our freedoms. But in the Ocean State, we reduce freedoms … and we suffer the consequences.
The progressive left and special-interest insiders have greatly diminished our liberties so they can advance their narrow and self-serving agendas. In catering almost exclusively to influential cronies, Rhode Island politicians have lost the trust of We, the People, who are also losing hope for our state.
A state constitutional convention — a true People’s Convention — may be the only way for concerned and vigilant citizens to regain our rightful voices.
In Liberty,
Mike Stenhouse, CEO