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Second Amendment Under Attack

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The 2nd Amendment Remains Under Fire
Barrington, RI: Barbara Holmes, Chair of the Rhode Island Republican Conservative Caucus, expressed her organization’s support for the Second Amendment rights enjoyed by Rhode Islanders and all Americans. «Both the US Constitution and our own State Constitution are explicit in protecting the firearms rights of individuals from any unnecessary restriction by government.» She pointed out in a prepared statement. Holmes went on to cite recent legislation introduced in Virginia and New York as examples of government intrusion into individual rights. «With our own state Legislature in session on Smith Hill and progressive elements of the ruling party flexing their muscles.» Holmes continued. «Individual rights are under assault here in the Ocean State.»
The RCC Chair took note of the longstanding ban on all privately held firearms in the United Kingdom. «What many commentators fail to see is the direct linkage between that gun ban and the present Parliamentary turmoil over crafting workable restrictions on kitchen cutlery.» She said. Her point, of course, is that the root cause of violence is human behavior and not the equipment used to commit those crimes. In Briton today there has been a dramatic rise in stabbings as firearms are restricted but knives remain widely available. «Last week’s terrorist stabbing spree in London was ended only when armed police shot the perpetrator dead.» Barbara Holmes noted. «Would anyone have been stabbed at all if the same assault were attempted at the West Freeway Church of Christ, in Texas?» She asked.
The RI Republican Conservative Caucus remains gravely concerned that the erosion of individual rights being pushed by the progressive left is based on the belief that ordinary citizens are incapable of responsibly discharging those rights. «If we expect citizens to act responsibly.» Ms. Holmes concluded. «They usually will.» Government attempts to disarm the entire population only result in one segment of the people actually becoming defenseless at the hands of another.
Gun Control is Not About Guns – It Is About Control
The Republican Conservative Caucus is an arm of the Rhode Island Republican Party. The RCC concerns itself with identifying, recruiting, and supporting State Legislative Candidates and with speaking out on issues which threaten individual choice by imposing collective requirements. Learn more on Facebook at RI Republican Conservative Caucus.