They had another bad idea – The Real Way To Attract New Rhode Islanders

The Real Way To Attract New Rhode Islanders


The PAY-TO-MOVE-TO-RI bill is the worst kind of bad progressive ideas. Apparently, some state lawmakers think a $10,000 handout can pay the way for new people to the Ocean State, while forgetting the people that are already here. Instead, this money could pay for cutting sales tax to 3.0%, which would generate real economic growth and new good-paying job opportunities. People are not so stupid to move to a state with a bad business and education climate! If we really want to attract productive people to our state, we must do the hard work to improve our business climate.
How about this instead? The Center recommends that if significant occupational licensing and regulatory reforms are enacted, we can attract new people to our state. More people will be free to engage in more and better jobs under such reforms. More and better incomes will be earned. More jobs will mean more families will be culturally stronger and will remain intact. More and better businesses will expand or be established with a better business climate. All this means more prosperity will be shared by more Rhode Islanders, and more working people will naturally give our state a better and more stable tax base.
Improving RI’s bottom-ten regulatory climate by repealing occupational licensing mandates means families have the freedom to fulfill their personal dreams.
In Liberty,
Mike Stenhouse, CEO

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