Time for a People’s Convention?

Governor’s Budget: Making R.I.
Worse Again
While the federal government and many other states have freed businesses and families from onerous taxes and regulations, leading to unprecedented economic growth and prosperity… Rhode Island is still wallowing in a government-centric morass.
Blind to the fact that the Ocean State is hemorrhaging productive residents, with one of the worst economies and business climates in America, the Governor’s intrusive and wasteful $10+ BILLION 2021 budget does nothing to address these core problems.
The assault on taxpayers, homeowners, motorists, businesses, and on our constitutional rights continues… while the budget proposes increased government control over industry, continues to benefit government unions, and gives even more handouts to insider corporate cronies.
With every state political leader seemingly bought and owned by one or more special-interest groups, it’s time to seriously consider TERM LIMITS— a reform that can only be accomplished in a People’s Convention — a state constitutional convention.
In Liberty,
Mike Stenhouse, CEO