Vitamins and Minerals: Too Much of a Good Thing?


September 2, 2020

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New Genetics Information in MedlinePlus

MedlinePlus now has easy-to-understand information on more than 1,300 health conditions with a genetic basis. Learn about the signs, symptoms, and cause of inherited genetic conditions.

Help Me Understand Genetics is an introduction to understanding human genetics, and includes illustrations and basic explanations of genetics concepts. Learn about cells and DNA, how genetics affects human traits, genetic testing, genetic consultations, and precision medicine. Explore more in MedlinePlus Genetics.

Vitamins and Minerals: Too Much of a Good Thing?

More is better, right? Not when it comes to vitamins and minerals. Our bodies need these nutrients for many things, like breaking down the food we eat, making bones and DNA, helping muscles contract, and maintaining immunity. But there’s no reason to get more than you need. Get more information about recommended amounts of vitamins and minerals.

Is Breast Cancer Hereditary?

Breast cancer is the second most commonly diagnosed cancer in women. A small percentage of all breast cancers cluster in families. These cancers are described as hereditary and are associated with inherited gene mutations. Hereditary breast cancers tend to develop earlier in life than noninherited cases, and new (primary) tumors are more likely to develop in both breasts. Learn more about the genetics of breast cancer.

Varicose Veins

Swollen and twisted veins just under the skin are called varicose veins. They happen because blood flows slowly from the veins in your legs back to your heart and due to gravity, blood tends to pool in your legs. To prevent varicose veins from becoming worse and to decrease discomfort try these tips:

  • wear compression stockings
  • elevate your feet and legs
  • avoid standing for long periods of time

Learn more about what causes varicose veins and how they are treated.

Yoga for Stress Relief

September is National Yoga Month! Help reduce stress and improve your overall health by adding this mind-body practice to your fall routine. Learn more about how to get your yoga practice started.

Peach Cobbler

Fall means that we’re nearing the end of peach season. Try this Peach Cobbler recipe while you can still get fresh peaches.