What we really need

Rhode Island Needs A Freedom Agenda


The Ocean State is doomed to lose a US Congressional seat because of its hostile tax, educational, and business environment. The state’s current thinking chases away the wealth, families, and businesses that are needed for all of us to be truly prosperous. The far-left big government policies that have reigned in our state for far too long will continue to only make matters far worse. Instead, we need a change of direction. 
Rhode Islanders are owed far more than the tired insider games. The State of Rhode Island passed a law in 2014 promising the people of Rhode Island, that if it started collecting Internet sales taxes, it would offset this broadened tax-base by lowering the tax-rate. This week, we’ll be talking more about why the state should fulfill its promise.
The Center’s larger “Freedom Agenda,” that we will be issuing this upcoming week, is designed to attract more families and business to the Ocean State. We will stand in direct contrast to the regressive policies put forth by Progressive-Democrats.
We will be calling for specific tax and regulatory cuts, more healthcare choices, and protection of constitutional rights, and need your help to spread the word on these critical changes for our state.
Please know that things do not have to be this way in Rhode Island. Together, we an change the status quo in the Ocean State. Thank you. 
In Liberty,
Mike Stenhouse, CEO