Why Neuroscientsts love the walnut

Why Neuroscientsts love the walnut


What’s the best snack to eat while you’re working? Walnuts! UCLA disease prevention expert Dr. Lenore Arab says most nuts make excellent snacks because they contain antioxidants called polyphenols, which are proven to relax arteries.

But walnuts have the biggest polyphenol punch, plus fatty acids that improve metabolism.

One of the top reasons walnuts make a good WORK snack is because of how they affect the brain. According to Neuroscientists, people who eat walnuts outperform non-walnut-eaters in terms of concentration, memory, and “information processing speed.”

Even back in the day my mom… a surgical nurse, used to call me at college and say:

“Johnny, are you eating your walnuts?”

“Yes, mom, I know…..eat the foods that look like a brain”

She used to try trick that with cauliflower too, but I wasn’t having it. Keep snacking on walnuts, and I will too!

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