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Two recent posts on the Ocean State Current may have been on very different topics, but they both make the same case for you to support what we do.
In August, the radio show, Changing Gears, had as its guest Republican gubernatorial candidate Allan Fung. Based on nothing more than the speculation of a left-leaning activist group, the local news media reported the show as a campaign finance scandal, and the Board of Elections got involved. You can read why this attack was wrong-headed and unconstitutional on the Current’s analysis, but what I’d like to emphasize here is that the Current was there to make the argument.
Also in August, the Providence Journal published an article based on something Roman Catholic Bishop of the Diocese of Providence Thomas Tobin wrote in an email to the reporter. The editor manipulated the headline to give a false impression about the bishop’s attitude toward abuse cases in Pennsylvania. You can feel however you feel about the Catholic Church or its bishops, but we should all want our information to be accurate and our public debate to be fair. Again, you can read the bishop’s further explanation of his views on the Ocean State Current.
We are here not only to provide readers with the balance of unheard voices and explanations, but also to provide a forum for those who have been treated unfairly by the mainstream media – who are always treated unfairly by the mainstream media.
We have a list of stories – ranging from residents who are suspicious that their town councils aren’t following the rules to state employees who want Rhode Island to know about abuse in government. What we don’t have are the resources to set aside time to analyze every ordinance or investigate every claim that comes our way. Often, by the time we are able to give a tip the attention it deserves, the question is already irrelevant, usually with an unhappy outcome.

That is why we need your support. Please consider a voluntary (tax deductible) monthly «subscription» of $7.60, which translates to just twenty-five cents per day. You can subscribe now by clicking on the link here or on the button below.

In Liberty,
Justin Katz
Managing Editor
P.S. Rhode Islanders know in our bones that something important is missing in our society, and the Ocean State Current is trying to rebuild that something – part of it, at least. We can’t accomplish our goal of competing with the mainstream media without you. Here is a shortcut to our subscription page.

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