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Geographic Variation in Pediatric Cancer Incidence


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Outbreaks Associated with Untreated Recreational Water — United States, 2000–2014
Daniel S. Graciaa, MD; Jennifer R. Cope, MD; Virginia A. Roberts, MSPH; et al.

Geographic Variation in Pediatric Cancer Incidence — United States, 2003–2014
David A. Siegel, MD; Jun Li, MD, PhD; S. Jane Henley, MSPH; et al.

The figure above is a photograph of a small child lying in a hospital bed holding an adult’s hand.

Prevalence and Predictors of Provider-Initiated HIV Test Offers Among Heterosexual Persons at Increased Risk for Acquiring HIV Infection — Virginia, 2016
Karen L. Diepstra, MPH; Tina Cunningham, PhD; Anne G. Rhodes, PhD; et al.

Fatal Sepsis Associated with Bacterial Contamination of Platelets — Utah and California, August 2017
Roberta Z. Horth, PhD; Jefferson M. Jones, MD; Janice J. Kim, MD; et al.

Update of Recommendations for Use of Once-Weekly Isoniazid-Rifapentine Regimen to Treat Latent Mycobacterium tuberculosis Infection
Andrey S. Borisov, MD; Sapna Bamrah Morris, MD; Gibril J. Njie, MPH; et al.

Notes from the Field: Domestically Acquired Verona Integron-Mediated Metallo-β-Lactamase-Producing Enterobacteriaceae — Indiana, 2016–2017
D.J. Shannon, MPH; Sara Blosser, PhD; Maroya Walters, PhD; et al.

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