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Pool Chemical Injuries in Public and Residential Settings

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  • Malaria Surveillance — United States, 2016
    Kimberly E. Mace, PhD; Paul M. Arguin, MD; Naomi W. Lucchi, PhD; et al.

    The figure is a Visual Abstract urging United States doctors to prescribe Malaria prevention medication to travelers.

    The number of reported malaria cases in 2016 is the highest since 1972. Progress in reducing the disease has plateaued in recent years, the disease remains endemic in many regions, and the use of appropriate prevention measures by travelers remains inadequate. The best way to prevent malaria is to take chemoprophylaxis medication during travel to a country where malaria is endemic. In 2018, two tafenoquine-based antimalarials were approved by the Food and Drug Administration for use in the United States.

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