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Warwick, RI –  According to recent news reports, Governor Gina Raimondo’s campaign has entered into a secret agreement with the Providence Democratic Party to finance the Providence Democratic Party in order to help her re-election. The chairman of Providence Democratic Party, Patrick Ward, was recently hired to a state civil service position, and his wife, Providence Councilwoman Sabina Matos was also hired to a classified state job by the Raimondo administration.
R.I. Republican Party Chairman Brandon Bell commented: “Over the past year, it has become clear that Raimondo’s strategy for dealing with her poor approval numbers is to find wealthy out of state donors to give millions to her campaign, while struggling Rhode Island taxpayers pay millions for PR staff. But, her approval numbers keep falling.  Today, we see the next phase in her strategy. Get her wealthy out state donors to give money to the Providence Democratic Party to help her re-election campaign, while using state taxpayer money to give the Providence Democratic politicians, who control the Providence Democratic party, protected state jobs. Governor Raimondo needs to immediately release the agreement between her campaign and Providence Democratic Party so the public can see if her agreement with an organization, that some of her state employees control, complies with all campaign finance, civil service and ethics laws.”
Bell concluded: “Governor Raimondo, we can see how desperate you are to get re-elected, but will you please stop using taxpayer money for your re-election campaign. Please use the taxpayer money you have now to fix DCYF. Put the children before your political career.”
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