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City of Providence Announces First Phase of 5G-Enabling Small Cell Program

PROVIDENCE R.I. – The City of Providence announced that it will implement Phase 1 of a limited small cell wireless infrastructure program concurrent to issuing a Request for Information (RFI) to more thoroughly understand the innovative hardware, technology and service options available to support innovation through the installation of small cell technology citywide.

In response to the Small Cell Siting Act of 2017, the City created and adopted the Small Wireless Facility Siting Rules, which establishes standardized licensing regulations for the installation of 5G-enabling small cell wireless technology and small wireless facility networks to City-owned infrastructure.

To ensure efficient and equitable access to public infrastructure, the City is seeking to create a nondiscriminatory and competitively-neutral license application process through the collection of information presented by unaffiliated parties. The information gathered through the RFI process and during Phase 1 of implementation will inform the City on how it can thoughtfully support this innovative technology while preserving the community investments made through the City’s Capital Improvement Plan (CIP) and LED street light conversion initiative.

During Phase 1 of the program, wireless service providers will be required to submit a Small Cell Phase 1 Permit Application for the placement and operation of small cell infrastructure within the City of Providence. The City will issue a permit for up to 15 approved attachment locations per provider during Phase 1 of the program, from May 24, 2019 until the implementation of Phase 2. Following the establishment of standards for further implementation in Phase 2, small cell infrastructure installed during Phase 1 may remain if those placements are consistent with new implementation standards.

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