Governor’s Regressive Budget

The Wrong Direction?
Is the Governor’s budget pointing our state in the right direction? On Monday, I attended the Martin Luther King Jr. Day breakfast hosted by the RI Ministers’ Alliance. At the breakfast, the Governor said that the country is moving backward, and that she is committed to moving RI ‘forward’ and in the opposite direction. What planet is the Governor living on?
In past two years, US economic freedom (and prosperity) is heading up. Under the prior administration, it was way straight down! Doesn’t the Governor think that more jobs and higher incomes – as we’re seeing in the US – is moving forward?
Last week, I also attended a thoughtful lecture by the chief economist for JP Morgan Chase at an event hosted by the RI Society of CPAs. His message was that economic growth is the best path to achieve prosperity and to manage deficits… not raising taxes and not necessarily cutting spending. However, this Governor’s regressive budget points us 180 degrees in the opposite direction and would stifle any opportunity for rapid growth. 
Ocean Staters are clearly being forced down a road heading in the wrong direction… unless we do something about it.
In Liberty,
Mike Stenhouse, CEO 

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