Readout of Secretary Azar’s Second Day in Brazil


Today, Secretary Alex Azar began his meetings in São Paulo, Brazil. First, he visited the Municipal Infant Hospital “Menino Jesus” and met with hospital leadership. They discussed the shared challenges U.S. and Brazilian hospitals face in improving quality and implementing efficient service models to integrate principles of value-based care. At the hospital, Secretary Azar visited the outpatient ward as well as the newly opened transplantation ward, which is an example of their successful public-private partnership with the Syrian-Lebanese Hospital.

Next he visited the Syrian-Lebanese Hospital with the Brazilian Minister of Health Gilberto Occhi, other government officials, and hospital leadership. Here Secretary Azar learned about efforts they are making on quality metrics and how principles of value-based care might have a positive impact on controlling costs and improving outcomes at the hospital. He saw their state-of-the-art robotic training facilities and simulation training center, which is available to all the clinicians affiliated with Syrian-Lebanese, including those at their public hospital partners. He finished his tour with a conversation with members of the board of directors, who are descendants of the women who originally founded the hospital.

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