Fight Back Against COVID-19: Petition Campaign to Suspend Internet Sales Taxes

Women’s Group Launches Petition to Suspend Internet Sales Taxes in Battle Against COVID-19

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Providence, RI – Rhode Island Women for Freedom & Prosperity, the voice of pro-liberty women in the Ocean State, today announced that it has launched an online petition campaign urging state lawmakers to temporarily suspend Internet Sales Taxes in response to the COVID-19 crisis.

«Many women are in charge of household and business budgets and for purchasing goods. We know that every dollar saved is important during this crisis,» said Susan Wynne, Chairwoman of the group. «We are asking all citizens to join us in calling on lawmakers to provide some measure of relief for our families and small businesses … and to provide a financial incentive for Rhode Islanders to practice social-distancing by staying home and shopping online.»

The petition can be found on the homepage of the women’s group at This idea, was put forth in a policy brief yesterday by the RI Center for Freedom & Prosperity.

The mission of RI Women for Freedom & Prosperity is to empower and give voice to the silent majority of pro-liberty women in our state… to be heard and to effectively become involved our state’s political process and in society by providing them with the information, education & training, and motivation to confidently engage in civil public discourse and to become a trusted leader in the civic and business arenas.
RI Women For Freedom & Prosperity is a nonpartisan issue-advocacy group for pro-liberty women in the Ocean State and is an initiative of the RI Center for Freedom & Prosperity


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